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Hey! I'm Dre Lamar

Andre is the name but I go by Dre, kinda like Dr. Dre except without the "Dr." I am a fun, easy going guy with a lot of charisma and ambition all wrapped into one. One of the best things about me is that I am always wanting to learn, whether that's in photography, studies, or just something new period. I try to do my best make everyone feel calm, and relaxed as we create collaboratively.

My Why?

Ive always had a passion for creating, and taking photographs of everything in my life because I believe that moments frozen in time are best viewed over and over again. I want to capture the best memories and the best rendition of people, because I view these to be the moments we cherish the most.My goal is to bring out the best in people, by making them feel confident throughout the session.

My Client Philosophy 

I believe that my client should get the best out of the session, and also the best out of me. All I ask is that my client is open-minded, and trusting of me to bring their vision to life.No matter if its your first session, or first time taking photos, I will go above and beyond to make sure to bring out the best in you.

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